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Univ. Prof. Wally Hase

mdw - Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien

The present textbook INFINITY about the exciting subject of circular breathing, Infinity Project, is the fantastic result of passion, knowledge and tirelessness shown by the two authors Natalia Jarząbek and Prof. Barbara Świątek-Żelazna. (...)

I had the chance to experience Natalia in teaching, as well as performance situations and was able to observe her developing circular breathing over a longer period of time. The handling and absorption of this extraordinary breathing technique over time became a natural part of her musical identity. (...)

The present textbook INFINITY combines a wealth of experience of the author‘s own teaching and performance experiences. Every single step in learning and getting a grasp of Circular Breathing is clearly explained with the added bonus of graphics and drawings. The textbook is rounded off with exercises, some of them extracted from our common repertoire and some historical background information.

Peter Swinkels

Adams European Flute Centre

We all know that circular breathing exists but many of us are afraid to use it or even start learning it. This new book “Infinity” can take away this fear once and for all! In small and easy understandable steps, the authors Natalia Jarzabek and Barbara Swiatek-Zelazna take you by the hand and guide you through the process. Each step is beautifully illustrated with clear images and with additional videos on the CD and Infinity Website. Completed with a history of circular breathing and lots of examples and exercises this book is a must have for every flutist who wants to enrich their flute playing with this particularly interesting and useful technique!

Viviana Guzman

The Flute View Magazine 

(...) The Infinity. Circular Breathing book is a must for anyone interested in adding Circular Breathing to their flute playing tool box.  The book is extremely thorough and concise.  High praise goes to Natalia Jarząbek and her professor, Barbara Świątek-Żelazna for compiling such a superb book;  congratulations for this magnificent work, for putting together such a wonderfully comprehensive, well-written, and easy to follow, book on Circular Breathing.

Martin Frutiger

Professor for oboe University Lucerne
Cor Anglais solo Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich

The book «Infinity» by Natalia Jarząbek and Barbara Świątek-Żelazna will open new horizons in playing technique for flutists all over the world. The technique of circular breathing which is on the flute even more challenging than with other wind instruments is explained in a methodically outstanding way. If following the instructions of the book, every flutist will be able to learn und understand this technique! Me as an oboe professor explaining circular breathing to my students since years found by reading the «Infinity» book a new approach in teaching that matter. Research into the historical uses of circular breathing is also a very interesting subject for which there are very few sources yet. I can only recommend the lecture by «Infinity» to every wind instrument player!

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