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Emmy Wils


Emmy Wils displayed an extraordinary musical talent while still a small child. She was nine when she started taking piano lessons from Johan Bossers, a teacher at a local music school in Tongeren, eastern Belgium. In 2012 she enrolled at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, where she studied with Piet Kuijken and Hans Ryckelynck. She obtained her M.A. degree in 2018 under the supervision of Boyan Vodenitcharov. She also developed her skills with Peter Waas at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar. 

She has participated in masterclasses given by such prominent pianists as Wolfgang Manz, Massimiliano Mainolfi, Christian Wilm Müller, Lukáš Vondráçek, Boris Giltburg, Stephen Kovacevich, and Yury Martynov. Emmy is a prizewinner of numerous international competitions, including Cantabile Piano Competition, Belfius Classics, Stephan de Jonghe, Concours de piano de Liège,  Concours Andrée Charlier, Vrienden Cultuurprijs Tilburg, and Triomphe de l’Art. 

She made solo orchestral debut at the age of 16, performing Chopin’s E minor Concerto. She has also developed a career in chamber music, with appearances at such prestigious festivals as B-Classic Festival of Flanders. She is the founder of Sonos Ensemble, a Brussels-based group of 11 musicians performing in various instrumental combinations.


Dominika Peszko

Dominika Peszko graduated in Musical Studies from The Academy of Music in Krakow – Prof. Andrzej Pikul’s piano class and Prof. Janina Romanska-Werner’s chamber music class. Perfected her skills at expert courses with acclaimed pianists: Paul Badura-Skoda, Kevin Kenner, Boris Berman, Dina Yoffe and others. Currently refining her piano artistry under the supervision of Eytan Pessen at The Opera Academy of Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera.


In 2017 Dominika defended her doctoral thesis The Transformations of Béla Bartók’s Composition Style and their Influence on the Shaping of Interpretation in Selected Piano Works. From Composer’s Idea to Artistic Creation, a crowning point in her life of fascination with Bartok’s music.


Her solo repertoire spans both the canon of piano as well as contemporary works. As a chamber musician, Dominika performed in numerous European countries and in Republic of South Africa. She particularly favours vocal lyric and collaborating with singers in the capacity of their tutor-coach. Working alongside vocalists entails both performing on stage and accompanying  the singers in domestic and overseas competitions. In 2013 Dominika started work at the Faculty Vocal Performance and Acting at The Academy of Music in Krakow.


Since 2015 Dominika Peszko has been a beneficiary of the Program for the Development of Young Talents of The Opera Academy of Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera. This programme equips pianists to work with vocalists as their vocal coaches by providing the necessary expertise and experience.

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