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FluteDiving - Adam Porębski (Poland)


The title FluteDiving is an allusion to the freediving technique. The idea is to go under the water on a single breath without any equipment. FluteDiving for solo flute portrays that form of diving in which the diver aims at reaching the greatest depth. This requires withholding the breath, going down under and remaining under the water for many minutes. In a symbolic manner, the piece speaks of the trip into the deep and leads the listener/viewer through the successive stages: 

  • initial hyperventilation, alluded to by increasingly shorter phrases, separated with pauses for inhaling

  • the leap into the water: the high, long and piercing tone h3

  • going down into the depths of the ocean: series of semiquavers played ever lower and lower, and slower and slower, until the lowest register has been reached

  • the slow decompression: development of the motif from c

  • increasing speed, while swimming up to the surface: a gradual reduction of the motif to two repeated tones turning into a trill

  • drawing your desired breath.

For objective reasons, it is impossible to play a three-minute-long demanding phrase on a single breath. This can, however, be obtained thanks to circular breathing, which also offers (not only visual) simulation of the diver’s bated breath. 


Adam Porębski is a graduate of the Academy of Music in Wrocław, in the class of composition, and – with a Primus Inter Pares honorary diploma – in the class of the violin. He broadened his knowledge at composing courses in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands), Rēzekne (Latvia), Radziejowice, and Kraków. In 2016 he was conferred a doctorate in musical arts. Winner of international and Polish composing competitions, Porębski has had his works performed in many European countries, the United States, and Australia. 

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