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The work originated from the composer’s love of the quantum mechanics describing the structure of the universe as a model of multi-dimensional vibrating strings. The title, literally “the music of the shapes”, elucidates the form of the composition and provides an allusion to quantum theory. Application of circular breathing helps to maintain the continuity of the narrative and harmonic transformations. 

The trills and scales in the piece are suggested moments for starting circular breathing. Numerous changes of the dynamic are intended to increase the awareness of applying circular breath in different dynamics.


Ilio Volante is an Italian composer of classical music and jazz born in Italy in 1964. He started his music studies from the saxophone, showing a particular flair for composition and jazz from the beginning. At the age of 19, Ilio won the audition for the Italian National Army Band stationed in Rome. He served there for ten years under the direction of colonel Marino Bartoloni to move to the Grenadiers of Sardinia Band (Rome) and was the 1st Tenor Saxophone at the Shape International being the official NATO band in Mons, Belgium, for three years. He also helped its director, Allen Wittig, compose original arrangements for the big band. In his career, Ilio has written over 1400 tunes for several music formations. 

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