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FLOATING LANDSCAPES for flute solo- Jailton de Oliveira (Brasil)


The piece was composed as an étude to practice the technique of circular breathing. It has a single movement divided into five long phrases. The title is a metaphor for the form of the piece and also for the way the sounds are normally produced on the flute, where landscapes are represented by the musical phrases that contain sounds that “float” in the air in a flow that is produced and controlled by the performer. However “floating” also has connotations with something that circulates, e.g. an idea, providing an analogy to circular breathing. There are no bar lines in the piece. The rhythmic combinations have a freer, asymmetrical flow as they follow the internal structure of each phrase. The piece explores various nuances of dynamics (from ppp to f) in a slow rubato tempo, with a predominance of softer sounds. 


Jailton de Oliveira is a Brazilian composer born in Medina (Minas Gerais) with a bachelor’s degree from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas and Master of Music degree from UFG the Universidade Federal de Goiás. He has composed over 200 works including choral music, songs, pieces for solo instruments, opera, ballet, chamber and orchestral music, and electroacoustic music. His works have been performed in Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Russia, Argentina, the US, Spain and Poland, and de Oliveira himself has attended important festivals such as the Campos do Jordao International Winter Festival and the Biennial Festival of Brazilian Contemporary Music, and received awards in Brazil and abroad. The artist cooperates on new, mostly chamber, works with musicians from several countries. 

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