Inspired by the project, Natalia and Emmy started a duo also named “Infinity” in November 2017, playing together not only pieces inspired by circular breathing but also chamber works for flute and piano of various epochs.

TEAM / Natalia Jarząbek, flute


Natalia Jarząbek is currently Principal Flute of the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra. She graduated with honours from the Music Academy in Krakow, where she studied the flute with Barbara Świątek-Żelazna. She continued her studies under the supervision of Wally Hase at the Franz Liszt Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar. She also earned a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. 

Her skills and outstanding artistic personality have won her numerous prizes at national and international competitions such as the British Flute Society Competition (First Prize), the Dutch Flute Competition (Second Prize), and the 3rd Stockholm International Music Competition (First Prize). She has developed her skills at masterclasses in Poland and abroad, and won numerous grants and awards for her artistic achievements. 

She recorded a solo piece (Pulse 11/8) for a 2015 CD by Grammy Award winner Włodek Pawlik and partnered with pianist Pieter-Jan Verhoyen on 900 Miles, a 2017 CD featuring works by Polish and Flemish composers. She has been a soloist at prestigious events such as British Flute Society ’s Flutastique! Festival, the 2017 Adams Flute Festival, the Festival Universitario de Flauta Transversa in México, the Alexander Arutiunian International Wind Festival, the 31st International Festival of Krakow Composers, and the Music Festival in Łańcut, south-eastern Poland. 

In 2017, together with Barbara Świątek-Żelazna, Natalia won the prestigious Ars Quaerendi Prize from Poland’s southern Małopolska Province for her work on a manual about circular breathing and a CD inspired by this technique. 

She has worked closely with numerous symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles, performing in renowned venues around the world. She also pursues a teaching career in Poland and abroad. 

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