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His latest big composition took name FOUR ELEMENTS.  It consists of four concertos  for four different string instruments.


First concerto „Earth“ is written for double bass and string orchestra and it is dedicated to Slawomir Grenda.


Second concerto „Air“ is written for viola , string orchestra and harp ( dedicated to Wladimir Kossjanenko).


Third concerto „Fire“ is written for cello and chamber orchestra (dedicated to Monika Leskovar).


The fourth concerto is „Water“ and its written for violin and orchestra.




"Small fish in aquarium" was the first piece composed for the infinity project on september 2017.

​As the composer - Zoran Novačić says: "At these very moment I'm finishing a double bass „cantabile“ concerto for distinguished polish player Slawomir Grenda. Let's hope that also Natalia will play not just a „small Fish piece“ but a new flute concerto. In that way we'll both be able to increase a borders of these beautiful instrument".


Zoran NOVAČIĆ (*1964) - composer and conducter , took his degree in conducting at the Music Academy of Zagreb University in the class of Pavle Dešpalj, who also supervised his one year post graduate study in the university. He did additional studies in Munich and Vienna with Berislav Klobučar on a Lovro and Lilly Matačić Foundation scholarship. He worked as a rehearsal pianist and assistant conductor in the Zagreb Croatian National Theatre Opera,as well as assistant conductor and choir master of the CRT Choir.


As conductor,he has worked with orchestars from both Croatia and abroad,and regularly appears as accompanist for vocal soloists on the piano,at home and further afield. He has won the Milka Trnina Diploma.He is now assistant professor at the Music Academy in Zagreb,a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists Association,the Croatian Composers Association and the Croatian Association of Music Artists.

A number of works mark his composing oeuvre. His chamber compositions include Divertimento for string quartet(1999), Zrinjski Variations for flute, oboe and piano(2004), Rosni cvetek/Dewy little flower for wind quintet(2004) and Martinmass Trio for piano,violin and cello(2004).

Standing out among his vocal and instrumental compositions are the Kaikavian Mass for solo voices,choir and orchestra(2001) and the music theatre presentation Kaikavian Requiem for solo voices,choir and orchestra(2002).He is the author of many cycles of religious songs and solo songs that put to music the verses of Izvor Oreb: Morning in Vela Luka(2003) and also some of the verses of Dobriša Cesarić:Fruit Three after rain(2004), Silence (2005) and To the Wind(2005).  In the 2006 he wrote Stabat Mater (latin text) for soprano, alt and strings.

He reworked the first movement of Big Bang, Symphony of the Universe(2009) for large symphony orchestra for two pianos.  After its first performance,his comic opera Secret of the Krapina Key (2000) was repeatedly performed with great eclat in the Zagreb Komedija Theatre.

Light of the stars (2011) is the cycle of fourteen songs for voice and the piano. Followed Via crucis (2011) for three vocal soloists and chamber orchestra; Three choir pieces: Ecce quomodo, In paradisum and Alleluia (2012); Symphony of Saint Francis (2013) for large symphony orchestra and Cantata Cantico di frate Sole (2013) written on the original text of st. Francis, for four soloists, mixed choir and orchestra. In 2014. he finished „Butterflies“  for oboe, clarinet and bassoon. His „GALACTIC CONCERTS“ consists of 1. „Orion“, concerto for bassoon, string orchestra and harp, 2. „Pleiades“ , concerto for oboe, string orchestra, and crystal bowls and 3.„Lyra“ concerto for harp and string orchestra.

2016. he wrote „Animals“ - album for piano. In the year 2017 he conducted his „MAGNIFICAT“ for soprano, alto, mixed choir and orchestra in Vienna.

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